St Croix Aluminium Front Eventer Clip – Pair


Eventer Aluminum 70% Lighter - The design of the Eventer aluminium horseshoe is the same as that of the standard steel Eventer horseshoe, except that it is cast in aluminium. The use of aluminium has made it possible to reduce the weight, compared to the steel Eventer horseshoe, by around 70%.

Aluminium does not have the wear resistance of steel, but because of its lower weight it is perfect for horses that are in rehabilitation after a leg injury, or for horses that are very sensitive to strain or loading injuries. Also this lighter shoe is useful where the horse requires the additional support provided by sole pads or silicone, which can increase the overall weight per foot by up to 500g; this increase in weight can be limited by using an aluminium shoe.

The properties of aluminium for working differ from those of steel, especially since during heat deformation there is no fusion phase as in steel but only a fusion point. Once this point is reached, the metal melts immediately.

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