Mustad Swift Nail – 250


Developed through a close collaboration with farriers specialized in racing disciplines, Swift® meets the specific needs currently expressed by racing professionals.

Swift® features: An extra slim shank, especially appropriate for thin hoof walls. This generate less damage to the hoof wall, in a segment where hooves are exposed to a higher shoeing frequency Sufficient shank length, offering the option to nail both higher and lower A short neck, ideal for thin shoes

A crown on the head, optimizing drive and tightening Swift® offers a better fit with racing shoes, particularly steel shoes. It represents an ideal match for the St. Croix Forge Concorde shoes (both steel and aluminum) as well as many other aluminum racing shoes. The competitive advantage of the Swift® relies upon its unique combination of head and shank that no other brand can offer in the racing segment. On top of that, extensive testing prior to the official market launch has highlighted specific points of strength for Swift®, among which the most notable ones are the excellent durability and resistance to wear, the shape allowing for different styles of nailing, especially important on thin or fragile hoof walls, and the ease of driving.

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