Vettec Equi-Pak Soft


Prevent sore feet or comfort a sore-footed horse.

  • About 2x softer than our regular Equi-Pak
  • Stays soft (even in cold temperatures)
  • Sets in 40 seconds with a strong bond
  • Perfect for deep commisssures and thin soles
  • Seals out moisture, debris and sand
  • Use with pads in sport horses

Applications using Equi-Pak Soft:

  • Fill to ground level of the foot for clinical cases in case of laminitis etc.
  • Sport horses: use a pad and seal out humidity, debris and sand to the sole. Equi-Pak Soft will give protection and comfort to your horse!
  • To create durability, protection and support, a combination of Equi-Pak Soft with Equi-Pak or Sole-Guard is ideal for horses with sensitive soles.

Price: $57.00

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